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Colorado Springs homeowners: Keep your home happy

If you don’t change the oil in your car you are going to run into some bigger problems than dark and dirty oil. A house is no different; you need to maintain it unless you want to incur costly expenses in the future. Listed below are a few tips for keeping your home up to par that will hopefully leave some extra change in your pocket to spend on other things!

  • Clean out your gutters once a year in order to avoid build up of leaves, branches, and other debris. When rain goes into a cluttered gutter it will pool and drain down into the soil around the foundation instead of being channeled away from the home and could eventually cause foundational problems. Go ahead, give a contractor a call and find out how much it is to repair a home’s foundation, it is not cheap!!
  • Change your furnace filter every other month in order to keep the air in your home cleaner and to keep your furnace working efficiently. If you are remodeling rooms in the home you should change the furnace filter more frequently. The filter is going to get pretty dirty when you are dry walling, sanding, and gutting rooms like the kitchen. Check your furnace filter, if it’s dirty, change it (don’t forget to make sure the arrow on the filter points towards the furnace, otherwise it will not filter properly).
  • Have your furnace cleaned and serviced once a year by a certified HVAC professional to make sure that the furnace is working properly. By maintaining it and keeping it clean, you can avoid huge problems and the furnace will work more efficiently and hopefully increase its life. Average life span for a furnace is approximately 15-30 years.
  • Get your chimney flue cleaned every couple of years to reduce the build-up of soot. An unclean chimney flue can be an enormous fire hazard and may also cause smoke to come back into your home instead of going out.
  • Look out for leaks before they cause a major problem and find out where they are coming from. Periodically look under all of your sinks, check areas around the windows, and look over the ceiling to find out if water is getting inside the home. If you do have a leak, tend to it quickly because mold is a much bigger problem and can be an expensive or even dangerous problem.
  • Inspect the exterior of the home. Are there any loose shingles, hail damage to the roof, or pieces of siding that need to be repainted? The average life span for a roof is around 15 years and the exterior of the home may need to be re-painted after 10 years depending on how weathered it is. If your siding is not protected by paint or stain it will absorb water, become weathered, and swell. Replacing siding is more expensive than maintaining it by making sure it is not exposed to the outdoor elements.
  • Stain your deck every few years if you want to keep the wood in good condition and protect it from the damaging effects of water and the sun. Paint or stain will protect your deck and if it is flaking or peeling you will need to sand or power-wash it first.
  • Keep an eye on your water heater. Average lifespan for a water heater is between 7-15 years. Some signs of your water heater nearing the end of its life include: water leaking on the floor around the tank and signs of corrosion (an orange color) around the outer shell (usually around the top or bottom of the tank). Make sure that your water heater sits in a pan which can be purchased at your local hardware store in order to contain any unexpected leaks

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