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Colorado Springs Homebuyers, important items for your new home!

 You close on your home, clean the carpets and paint, move everything in, and then you are ready to finally begin settling in to your new home, but wait, did you remember everything? Here are a few items to look over just in case you forgot something and it is an easy thing to do, especially, if you are a first time homebuyer!

  1. Call the utility company before closing and make sure the utilities are moved to your name, you won’t be happy if there is no electricity!
  2. You are going to create garbage, so set up a trash service to come pick it up. Don’t forget to buy trash cans for different rooms in the house.
  3. Set up the internet, cable, and phone service. You can reference these important phone numbers if you live in the Colorado Springs area.
  4. Change your address with the post office so you keep getting your mail, unless you don’t want to see those bills anymore!
  5. Before purchasing new furniture, did you remember to measure the doorways, hallways, and the room the furniture will go in to make sure it will fit? After spending the time to pick out, order, and pay for the furniture and delivery only to find out it will not fit would be frustrating so avoid any possible hassle and make sure to measure!
  6. If you live in a city like Colorado Springs where it snows, don’t forget to buy a snow shovel and a de-icing product for your driveway. It is not helpful to remember you forgot to buy a snow shovel after a big snow storm. It’s happened to me!
  7. If you have large trees, you will need to buy a rake to clean all of those leaves up when they come down in the fall.
  8. If don’t already have some tools, you need to buy a few of the basics just in case you have a small repair that needs to be tended to in your home down the road. You can purchase many basic tools in one kit at a hardware store like Home Depot. A hammer, wrench, drill, nails, screws, level, screwdriver (Phillips and a flathead), paint brushes, scissors, and measuring tape are just a few of the things you want to make sure and have handy in your garage.
  9. You never know when a toilet in your home will get clogged or flood and your garbage disposal may act up after you put something down it that you were not supposed to, so make sure you have a plunger around.
  10. Whether you are mopping, have a leak, or are doing other types of work in your home, you will probably come in need of a bucket. Buy a couple buckets; you will be happy you did!
  11. You need to water the flowers or wash the car but where is the garden hose, the seller didn’t leave it with the house? Oops. Check the spickets around the house and check if you need to buy a garden hose.
  12. Shower curtains may not be left behind for you and if you don’t have one in your bathroom, you are going to have a lot of water that does not stay in the tub!
  13. Black trash bags are a must have whether you are doing yard work outside or have a big project you are working on inside; they come in handy so don’t forget to buy them.
  14. If you have a yard, you are going to need a lawn mower. Keep your yard looking nice, otherwise, you may have some neighbors complaining to your Home Owner’s Association
  15. Light bulbs, batteries, and furnace filters are never around when you need them so make sure and buy some in advance and store them in a place where they can be easily found.
  16. You never know when an emergency will arise, make sure and have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in your home.


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