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Colorado Springs homebuyers: Always think of resale

It seems strange to think about resale when you have not even bought your Colorado Springs home yet but I always remind buyers of this very important detail during their home search. No matter how long you plan to live there, you need to think about resale. Even if you plan on never moving again, things change, so you can’t be absolutely sure of that!

Maybe you don’t mind living across the street from a busy park, having power lines so close to your home you can hear them, living on the corner of a busy intersection, or having a terrible view from your backyard but remember, another buyer will when the time comes to sell your home. It is wise to buy a home that will be easy to sell down the road so you need to consider the location, condition, floor plan, and price of the home.

If you are buying the nicest and most expensive house in the neighborhood and plan on selling it in a couple of years, you may not sell it as easily as buying the least expensive home in a neighborhood where there is more room for equity. Most people do not want to buy the most expensive home in the neighborhood.

When looking at homes in Colorado Springs think about the pros and cons when it comes to resale. Does the home have Pikes Peak Views? Is the floor plan desirable? Bi-level and tri-level homes are often not as desirable to buyers as 2-story and Ranch floor plans. Is there open space around the property? Find out what, if anything will be built in the area of open space. If a busy shopping center or a large apartment complex is going to be built, is it going to affect the sale of your home in the future?

Finding the right home can be quite the task, especially with all of the available choices in Colorado Springs. It is important to make sure the home not only meets your needs but also will meet the needs of other buyers when you decide to sell it!

For more information about Colorado Springs Homes for sale visit my Pikes Peak MLS search.

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